Clients, Corporates and Insurance Partners

Lifecare Hospitals has partnered with some of the finest and reputed medical insurance providers and clients. All the following listed partners have been empaneled to serve you

  • NHIF
  • Resolution Health Insurance
  • APA Insurance
  • CIC Group
  • UAP Insurance
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Pioneer Insurance
  • Trident Insurance
  • Liaison Insurance
  • First Assurance
  • AAR Insurance
  • Takaful Insurance
  • Saham Insurance
  • Pacis Insurance
  • AON Minet Insurance
  • Sedgwick Insurance
  • Mumia Sugar Company

Kindly bring the following documents if you are covered by any of these insurance companies for your medical issues. This will ensure fast and smooth processing of the pre-authorization letters from your insurance company;
1. Duly signed prescription from your treating doctor
2. Medical Insurance Card
3. Photo ID
4. Claim form to be completely filled by the doctor / patient in the spaces provided.