Dr. Abhishek Vishnu

MD, IDCCM , IFCCM , FICM - I.C.U specialist

Dr. Abhishek is the Head of ICU Unit, LifeCare Hospitals Bungoma handing cases such as Medical I.C.U, Surgical I.C.U and Neonatal I.C.U. He is an I.C.U specialist with over 10yrs of experience in Anaesthesia and Critical care. He majors in medical, surgical, transplant and cardiac emergencies with hands expertise in latest I.C.U equipment such as VIZ and ventilators.

Dr. Abhishek specializes in all I.C.U procedures such as; Fibreoptic bronchoscopy, percutaneous and surgical tracheostomy, ICD placenta, rotatory postings in medical &Surgical ICU and trauma ICU.